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CAOS Lecture Team founded up in Beijing
english.swhospital.com 2015-05-13

In May 8, 2015, the Founding-up Ceremony of Lecture Team of Chinese Association of Orthopedic Surgeons (CAOS) was held during the 8TH Congress of Chinese Association of Orthopedic Surgeons in Beijing.

It is the first professional teaching group of the kind in the CAOS and is composed of 8 foreign lecturers and 23 Chinese lecturers with Prof. Tang Kanglai, from the Southwest Hospital of Third Military Medical University, as the team leader and Prof. Wang Zhenyi of Beijing Chinese Medicine University and Prof. Jiang Baoguo of People’s Hospital of Beijing University as the honorable team leaders.

President Wang Yan was present at the Founding-up Ceremony and conferred the certificates. Since the set-up of the CAOS, we have always persisted on the concept of serving the foot surgeons and pursuing solid continued education. The CAOS conference that happens once a year has become an important platform on which the foot surgeons over China gather together and dialogue freely so as to share the resources and to improve commonly. Toot surgery has become an important subject and achieved great advancements recently in China. The lecture team of CAOS will definitely play an active role to improve the cause of foot surgery and enhance the care and treatment of foot surgery in China, he point out.

Tang Kanglai, the Head of Lecture Team of CAOS, expressed that his team will stick on the high standard of continued education, regulate the foot surgery care and foot surgeon’s behavior in order to standardize the lecture team system and improve the cause of Chinese foot surgery in China.


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