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Sanjeev, Head Nurse of British Guys & St Thomas Hospital, visiting our hospital
english.swhospital.com 2015-05-14

It is the third year’s cooperation between our hospital with British Guys & St Thomas Hospital and both sides have sent nurses to visit and learn from each other in the past years. At the oncoming of the International Nurse Day, Sanjeev, Head Nurse of British Guys & St Thomas Hospital, led his team came to our hospital to pay a visit of the Department of Liver and Gallbladder Surgery and were warmly received by Wu Ying, Head Nurse of the Department of Liver and Gallbladder Surgery, and all nurses there in May 11 2015.

Wu Ying sincerely welcomed the guests from far away firstly and then Zhang Qingyi, Head Nurse, briefed to them the department in history, professional features, nursing care and team construction. Sanjeev and his teams were amazed at and admired what they have learnt here, especially the nursing performance under the creasing surgery each year. After then, the bilateral discussions focused on personal training, reasonable use of personnel resources and future challenges in the new condition. The originally planned 50 minus’ forum was prolonged time again because of the heated discussions.

They also visited Ward Zone A of the Department of Liver and Gallbladder Surgery and gave a high confirmation to the order and tidiness as well as the quality nursing care with smiling faces. They left at last and seemed that there were still something more to be expressed and dialogued. In the end, Sanjeev and his team offered a sincere invitation to our hospital nurses to visit their hospital next year.


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