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History of Southwest Hospital
english.swhospital.com 2008-09-23
        Southwest hospital was the Centric Hospital of the Kuomintang’s government in old China. Since 1929 she was established in Nanjing, there have been 70-year history.

Southwest Hospital simulation panorama

Nanjing Centric Hospital (Mar. 1930 — Oct.1937)

Guiyang Centric Hospital (Oct. 1938 — May. 1941)


May. 1945, Guiyang Centric Hospital moved to Chongqing, and renamed after Chongqing Centric Hospital.

Feb. 1944, combined with Red Cross of Chongqing and renamed after Gaotanyan Centric Hospital until the libration of Chongqing in Nov. 1949.

Nov. 1949, Chongqing liberated , Southwest of New China Military and Political Committee formally take over the Chongqing Gaotanyan Centric Hospital. This photo shows  the official naming ceremony of Southwest Hospital.

In 1952, the Sixth Military Medical Univercity combines with Southwest Hospital.

In 1957, become the teaching hospital of the Seventh Military Medical Hospital.

In 1956 the Army Hospital No. 48 into the Southwest Hospital

In 1969 moved to Shanghai Changhai Hospital, above is the centric buliding of Changhai Hospital.

In 1975, backed from Shanghai to Chongqing.This picture show the main entrance of Southwest Hospital in 1980s.

The camp in 1980s.

In 2003, become the First Affiliated Hospital and First College of Clinical Medicine of TMMU(Third Military Medical University).

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